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Training and Awareness-Raising Materials to Prevent Gender-Based Cyberviolence for Young People

Training Materials #PreventGBV

These training and awareness-raising materials to prevent gender-based cyberviolence (GBCV) have been created in close collaboration with 5 national working groups that involved professionals working with young people as well as young people themselves.

The training materials are structured in five modules and cover key issues related with GBCV:

Module 1. Introduction to gender-based cyberviolence

Module 2. Sexual cyberviolence

Module 3. Hate speech online against women

Module 4. Cyber control and boundaries online

Module 5. Intersectionality, multiple discrimination, impact and other areas affected

The target group of these materials are professionals that work with young people in conflict with the law, who could use the materials as a support tool for implementing workshops on gender-based cyberviolence prevention and awareness raising.

The materials provide not only theory but also multiple group activities and proposals of topics for discussion that can be carried out with the young people in the context of these workshops.

The materials are available in the following languages: